A few weeks ago we were graciously invited to join Kickstarter, an interesting community centered around funding more personal projects/endeavors. Only a few days before, Mike and Josh had just got wind of it and were really interested in how we could use it to bootstrap some ongoing projects we have. For Mike and I with Liferaft, it made a lot of sense to use this kind of thing as a way to run fancy preorders and get a little peace of mind while we’re developing Liferaft for 6 months [probably more].

So here it is: our Kickstarter Project for Liferaft. As you can see on the page there, there are a variety of options for funding our little game, all of them including the game itself when we release. Liferaft won’t be a free-to-play game like so many of our past releases, it will be something akin to shareware, though we’re not going to settle on the specifics just yet.

Darius Kazemi of Orbus has also posted a bit about our Kickstarter endeavor in relation to Daniel’s fundraising efforts which I think is a pretty fair comparison. Anyway, please check us out over there on Kickstarter. You can watch a bit of a video interview by us explaining the project as well as some narrated gameplay as an added bonus!