So we’ve known about the IndieCade thing for awhile but haven’t gotten around to announcing it officially just yet here. Though, we just found out Fig. 8 will be across the pond in the Eurogamer 2009 expo so I figured we’d get two announcements with one stone! It’s a pro PR move by us, to minimize our number of press releases. ;)

Anyway, for the IndieCade dealio we’ll be in LA for the entire thing, October 1st – 5th. Mike and I are doing a “salon” of some sort on Friday morning. They tell us we don’t need a cosmetology license or anything like that so I think it’s just us talking. Come and see to find out!

Also, the folks over at IndieCade wanted us to record a little video interview. We didn’t really know what to do but when we were recording my Mom called and saved the day by asking us some hard-hitting questions. Diane Sawyer is one of her idols and I think her influences really shine through in this revealing exposé. Watch it after the jump.

By the way, if you haven’t played either of these games, you can check them out here:

As far as we know, we’ll have a booth/setup at Indiecade with Gray playable at one of our laptops or something and we’ll be there throughout the festival talking with anyone who wants to. For the Eurogamer Expo, we will not be there as we could barely afford the trip to LA, flying across an ocean is a bit out of budget for us. But… if you’re in that neck of the woods there should be an automated version of Fig. 8 at a booth somewhere that you can play. Perhaps they will have some sort of notebook that you can draw in. No guarantees!

Anyway, we’re a bit floored that these little games have garnered so much attention from these shows/festivals and we couldn’t be more proud of our little guys. They grow up so fast! If you have a chance to make it out to IndieCade, don’t hesitate to say hi, we’ve never been to LA so we’ll probably be bored/clueless otherwise.