I just finished the second round of “marketing” for our first internship. This won’t be our first employee but it’s close enough that we’re a bit frightened/excited. ISU has offered us a great deal for providing one lucky student [we think] with a paid internship for this Fall semester and we’re doing our best to find someone. So far the first wave has fallen flat on the ISU students. I thought a lot of folks wanted to make video games, but maybe not. We’ve received some interest, but none from students. Even if we get a dozen applicants, it’s still not guaranteed that any of them will make sense to bring on as an intern. Nonetheless, we remain hopeful that our latest Craigslist post, ISU job-board listing and this blog post will have them breaking down our door in droves!

So if you’re a student at ISU or know of one that is interested in game development please drop us a line. We would have been rabid for this kind of opportunity back when we were in school. There have to be some folks hiding in the basements around campus that are just as crazy. Right?!

For those interested here’s the posting we’re shopping around:

Hey prospective intern!

We’re Mike Boxleiter and Greg Wohlwend, 2/5 of intuition games, a Midwest based game developer right in your own backyard! This internship will take place in our Ames offices so you will be working directly with Mike and Greg. To learn more about us please visit: http://www.intuitiongames.com. We’re looking for 1 intern for the Fall 2009 semester as part of the Reiman Internship Program through ISU. Right now we’re working on a game called Liferaft, you can play an early alpha build here: http://www.intuitiongames.com/games/liferaft. This is the project you will be working on with us if you’re selected for the internship.

Most likely you will design and edit levels, environments and other gameplay systems. While this boilerplate message does get us to a certain point, we’re much more interested in talking with you in person and finding out more about you. Here’s a bit of what we’re looking for as far as specific skills:

You must be an ISU student.
You must have a strong desire/passion for game development.

Experience with Adobe Flash CS3
Quick learner of software tools

Experience with ActionScript3.0
Experience in drawing/design

Essentially, we want someone who can hit the ground running (within reason) with a great attitude and a passion for game development that matches our own. We understand that’s a bit of a tall-order but that’s why: “There can be only one!” If you think you’re the one, or your friends think you are, but you haven’t built up the necessary confidence yet ;) then send us an email at team@intuitiongames.com with a little bit about yourself. We’ll go from there and set up a meeting.

We’re offering between $10 and $12.50/hr for this internship and hours will be around 20/week.