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Des Moines Parties Relevant to Iowa Game Developers

I would like to invite any Iowa game developers to two upcoming parties here in Des Moines.  The first is a Wes Anderson-themed costume party entitled I Always Wanted To Be A Tenenbaum. Since a friend or two from 8monkey Labs will be showing up, I figured I would invite any other devs in the area to stop on by and hang out. We’ll probably be playing Pong in tennis outfits. Actually I don’t know what would be appropriate –…

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Des Moines Game Dev Meeting == Totally Cool. Dinowaurs play testing

Mike, Josh and I(Greg) scuttled down to Ankeny for a developer meetup that the DSMGG held at a local gaming place Cyber Ops Gaming Center. I got there a little late, but everyone’s projects were really cool and the whole tone of the place was really exciting. I suppose anytime you get a bunch of passionate, smart people in closed quarters together we start feeding off each other. Like I said, I got in a little late, but I was…

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