Liferaft is up on Kickstarter

A few weeks ago we were graciously invited to join Kickstarter, an interesting community centered around funding more personal projects/endeavors. Only a few days before, Mike and Josh had just got wind of it and were really interested in how we could use it to bootstrap some ongoing projects we have. For Mike and I with Liferaft, it made a lot of sense to use this kind of thing as a way to run fancy preorders and get a little…

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Swallowing Our Pride and Selling Our Soul: A How-To Guide

Dinowaurs has been in open beta for over a month now and one thing is obvious. It’s not making money. For over 1.5 years, we’ve been working like dogs on this Flash game called Dinowaurs. About 6 months ago we ran out of funding to feed ourselves. So when that happened we started scrambling to find extra work to eat. I think it’s safe to say we hate Dinowaurs. Or at least we hate working on it. It’s been this…

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Should We Turn to Advergames for Flash Game Development?

Gamasutra posted a great opinion article today from Magnus Alm of Swedish developer Muskedunder Interactive entitled Why The Game Biz Should Turn To Flash. He beings by explaining why the Flash game industry has seen a lot of growth lately:• The upward economic trend within the games industry in general.• Advertisement agencies realizing the need for skilled game design competence.• A growing online and casual games market.• And let’s not forget that flash games now are being ported to other…

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