About Us

Intuition Games is an Iowa-based independent game collective. We’re still not quite sure who we are, but Intuition is our vehicle for figuring that out. What we do know is that we all love making games.

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Greg Wohlwend

Greg Wohlwend – Director of Pixel Synergy

Greg is balding. He’s not sure why, but the scientists say it has something to do with his grandfather. When he’s not talking to scientists he likes making games that entertain and affect people. He also has a problem with knowing when to use “affect” & “effect.” Oh! And he likes ampersands.

  1. Handle: aeiowu
  2. Favorite Dinosaur: Dimetrodon
  3. Favorite Game: Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn
  4. Where to find me: twittermile222TigForums
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Mike Boxleiter

Mike Boxleiter – Vice President, Class of ‘x86

As a young lad, Mike would often play teh video games, and let his imagination run wild while doodling with crayons. As he grew older more and more people were disgusted and appalled with his artistic abilities, so Mike began to learn the electronic codes which would allow him to take over the world, and make other people pay.

  1. Handle: fucrate
  2. Favorite Dinosaur: Triceratops
  3. Favorite Game: System Shock
  4. Where to find me: twitter

Josh Larson

Josh Larson – Chairman of Markerboard Doodling

Josh left his local watering hole as a young minnow in search of fortune and excitement in the sea. Through a thrilling, yet heartwarming coming-of-age journey, Josh returns to recapture the essence of small-pond life and finds his true calling. “Two thumbs up! A tour de force.” – Ebert & Ropert

  1. Handle: godatplay
  2. Favorite Dinosaur: Brontosaurus
  3. Favorite Game: The Dig
  4. Where to find me: twitterGod at playTigForums
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Joe Bergeron

Joe Bergeron – Chief Bitwise Operator

Joe was raised by tomato farmers out west. He learned the sixes before he could even talk– fastest draw in town they’d say. He moved to the city and forgot all that, but he still grows a mean tomato.

  1. Handle: jjbergeron
  2. Favorite Dinosaur: Brontosaurus
  3. Favorite Game: Earthbound
  4. Where to find me: twitter

Ted Martens

Ted Martens – Ambassador of JPEG Affairs

Ted meditated rigorously for 4000 years to discover the lost art form now known as the Photoshop Lens Flare technique. In doing so, he reached enlightenment and became immortal. Now sworn with the esteemed duty to preserve and protect this art, Ted is prepared to go the distance.

  1. Handle: savethedinosaurs
  2. Favorite Dinosaur: Stegosaurus
  3. Favorite Game: Katamari Damacy
  4. Website:
  5. Where to find me: twitter

Collective Emeritus

We have worked with awesome people. These are some of those people we’ve worked with in a larger capacity as far as larger collaborations. They’re aren’t necessarily founding members, but we’ve completed large projects with them. We’re always looking for other people to bring into the fold and work with them as partners, not contractors or employees. All of these folks look good enough for a poke.

Jacob Grahn

Jacob Grahn

Jacob worked with us on Effing Hail, The Great Red Herring Chase and a handful of other games that may or may not be released. For a month he worked with Greg in an attempt to create a game every day. That turned into about a game every week, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. Check out his website below as well as his popular multiplayer game Platform Racing 2.

  1. Handle: Jiggmin
  2. Website:

Andy Moore

Andy Moore

We met Andy and Colin (Fantastic Contraption) at the 2009 GDC and since have kept in contact. Andy was starting development on a new game later that Spring that would later be called Protonaut. He contacted Greg to help out with the visual side of the game. Work continues on Protonaut as it is a community based platformer with a high degree of emphasis on user-generated levels. You can play Protonaut or visit the forums to learn more.

  1. Handle: Weasel
  2. Favorite Dinosaur: Archaeopteryx
  3. Favorite Game: Larax et Zaco
  4. Website:
  5. Where to find me: twitter

Tyler Glaiel

Tyler Glaiel

We got to know Tyler when Mike and I shared a hotel room with him and Daniel Benmergui for the 2009 IndieCade. We all got to hang out and talk about development, business and everything else. It was an unforgettable experience for us and we’ve all done our best to keep in contact since. In November, Tyler came up with a prototype for what would be later called Tetraform and asked Greg if he would spruce up the space theme graphically. The rest is history! :P Tyler is an excellent designer and prolific developer with great focus and a fresh perspective on games. He’s probably best known for his breakout hit: Closure which he’s currently developing into an impressively rich and exciting complete cross-platform game. Definitely keep an eye on his crib, yo, he gonna blowns up!

  1. Handle: Glaiel Gamer
  2. Favorite Dinosaur: Pterosaur
  3. Favorite Game: Metroid Prime
  4. Website:
  5. Where to find me: twitter