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Effing Hail


60 Responses to “Effing Hail”

  1. Adam ROBO

    Love it. I really want to grow a 100m hail pellet…

    Nice job, Greg!

  2. Dan

    This is a very clever idea, very slickly implemented - well done!

  3. Hmmm

    Make a free mode, lose the timer and stop calling them lessons if there is nothing new. Other then that it is fun.

  4. Swift

    Fantastic Concept! Pretty addictive.

    Totally loved it.

  5. tomatopipps

    make a sandbox version with no time limit please!

  6. noah

    I just get a blank screen after the Pogo/EA logo.

  7. noah

    oh wait, it loaded this time

  8. jieship

    Gah, Stuck on the balloon level
    great idea, though

  9. will

    Love it to death. But I’d love an infinite time mode even more.

  10. Samantha

    What is the song on this game??? i love it!

  11. Joseph

    hey really liked it, and the suggestions would be great to put in.
    want to know the song name too.

  12. aeiowu

    The song is called “We Are Loud” from Shockwave-sound. here’s the link -

  13. averagejoe

    Time limit= annoying.

  14. Fangor

    lol @ [citation required] in the news article. Wikipedia copypasta?

  15. Fangor


  16. Dan

    Free Mode needed. This would be horrendously addictive if there were a free mode.

  17. sonja

    without the timelimit it would be awesome.

  18. TheJudgment

    Two major flaws:

    The time limit, which is not ample enough for most levels.
    And bugged countdown on that time limit which causes it to jump from 2 minutes to 1 minute and 44 seconds upon retries.

    Otherwise, this is a fantastic concept that just needs some tweaking. An optional sandbox mode would be a great addition, along with some quality controls for slower computers.

  19. Scarecrow

    awesome game

    what’s the music and how can i download it?

  20. Silurian

    i love this game and i LOVE the music

    where can i get it and whoes it by

  21. ryan

    Diabolical, and fun. If you ever need any music for your games check me out at
    I use a lot of styles, you might hear something you like.

  22. Mikel

    Very cool idea - easy to learn, intuitive to play, and a lot of fun!

  23. Jay

    WOW! This is so much fun!!!

  24. shazwozzle

    Is there some strategy I’m missing here? I’m finding this stupidly hard.

  25. Rick.

    Amazing. Co-sign an infinite time mode!

  26. Rick.

    Also, a version that increases the time limit with each thing destroyed.

  27. alex

    please make a free mode, without a timer.

  28. Mools

    Awesome game.

    A pause button will be much appreciated.

  29. JWyvern

    I am very curious as to the claim made here that the worst hail storm was recorded this year. I would like to know if this claim can be substantiated. Not because I want to be a douchebag and ruin everyone’s fun (hell, I fell in love with this game immediately and will have it saved for future playing), but rather because I would like to separate fact from fiction for my own credibility. After all, we can’t get far in this world without trust. And if I start telling this story to my friends without some kind of proof, I will get told bullshit. So again I ask friendly - like and with no malice in my words, can this story be validated and if so, can someone send me a link.

  30. Sike

    retarted game

  31. fondpond

  32. Rick.

    SIKE wins for calling something retarded without knowing how to spell retarded. Retard.

  33. Erik

    nice :-)

  34. skateboard steve

    effing cool.

  35. termospullo

    a free mode without timer would be appreciated

  36. Crory!

    Good game… GREAT TUNE!!!

  37. Rab

    This game rox

  38. Jacob

    Excellent game, spent a good long time with it. But I would really say it needs a freeplay mode.

  39. Sythine

    heyy sorry i hacked the time but it made it soo much fun made a 41m ball in first “lesson”.

  40. Juzzie

    Jwyvern, are you for real!??

  41. halibit

    Great little game .. well done

  42. SS454

    Lose the damn clock!
    It keeps ruining my fun!

  43. deng

    addictive. love the BG too! =)

  44. CHRIS

    I don’t know if we just played the same game, but that game SUCKED!

  45. chris

    LOVE IT!

  46. NOT YOU

    Addictive. Unlimited free play mode would be super-awesome.

  47. d.a.n.g

    its an o-kay game

  48. Quothz

    Would be nice if, at least after the “lessons”, the timer extended whenever you destroyed something.

  49. Quothz

    Huh - half my comment got eaten. I -tried- to say “nice game, very addictive!” but all that got kept was the critical part. So… nice game! Very addictive! :P

  50. George

    I have to agree with everybody saying lose the stupid timer

  51. Jimdesu

    Awesome game: I agree with the time limit, but only once you’ve won. :D

    Really; I don’t play computer games and I love this. <3

  52. fisjh

    fish rock

  53. jesus h


  54. George

    Oh, and I love your blog, I read it all the time.

  55. Gregg

    this is probably one of the most addicting games that i have ever played, but i agree with everyone, there NEEDS to be an unlimited play

  56. Jamie

    Where do you get the music and what’s it called? It’s amazing.

  57. Diego

    I agree. FREE MODE!

  58. N7DOT

    Great Game! Oh, And about the 100m thing, I’ve gotten to 59m, and at that point it’s basically impossible to control. 100m would be EXTREMELY hard, and/or extremely lucky. But that’s beside the point. The point is, It’s got Great music & Great game play & Great concept. 4.2 out of 5!

  59. Bumquad

    Lame. Timer makes it super-lame. Seriously, wtf? Why a timer? And get rid of that irritating music, because it’s seriously annoying and sucks balls.

  60. Arnold

    This is fun. I will admit I am use to something a little toned back. It is entertainment. And you cannot go wrong with this hail!