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Fig. 8


40 Responses to “Fig. 8”

  1. Denys


  2. 2nd


  3. benjamin Boyce

    best game I have ever played

  4. benanaz

    what an awesome game! i couldnt stop playing til i beat it hahaha

  5. Pavel


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  7. Tim

    Great game, completed it with a high score of 112,627.

    Love those random easter eggs

  8. TME

    I’d like to know where the music came from.

  9. Ben

    I NEED to know where the music is from *-*

    and awesome game!

  10. Chris Brandt

    nice. needs a way to quit, though…no summation of points?

  11. fucrate

    You only get your score put up if you finish, otherwise you have been deemed too weak to view it.

    This is the law of Fig. 8, it’s Will be done.

  12. God at play

    Yes, you must keep its precepts and observe its laws.

    BTW, I was able to finish it a couple nights ago! 138,954 - mediocre I’m sure.

  13. fucrate

    Yeah, there’s some insane scores on kong, and i’m pretty sure they’re legit.

  14. MAu

    hai , awesome game !!! Were i can find the music? is to good

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  16. alexander


  17. intuition

    check the FAQ:

  18. Empty pedal

    “God at Play” If you think score of 138,954 is mediocre, then my 371,460 must be superb. And my riding lines are not perfected, yet.

    Very nice game and it really catches the spirit of cycling while medicated. The lack of highscore names and online comparision bugs me.

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  20. Barbecue, émeute, et ballade en bicyclette « Eolneth

    [...] On dirige simplement le vélo avec les touches directionnelles du clavier. Et si la roue avant est alignée avec la roue arrière, on multiplie les points. Cependant i faut faire gaffe d’éviter soigneusement les figures tout au long du chemin. Une fois qu’on a pris le coup de main, on se laisse vite prendre au jeu, on n’en démord pas, on veut toujours aller plus loin, continuer la ballade en vélo. On pourrait presque entendre le vent souffler dans nos cheveux. J’aime tout particulièrement la musique dans ce jeu. Allègre, badine et légère, qui nous rappellera les ruelles de Montmartre (ou le vieux barbu qui joue de l’accordéon dans la lige 6 du métro, au choix). Ce petit air innocent qui nous incite tant à continuer la ballade, s’éteint de manière violente lorsqu’on percute un obstacle. La première fois que je me suis planté, j’ai vraiment ressenti ça comme une punition. Cliquez ici pour jouer : [...]

  21. Terry

    Hi Intuition Games,

    This game is great and I’d like to put it on our site. Will that be possible or are you exclusive to Yo! Arcade? We got to get this game and other games like it out there for everyone to play.

  22. intuition

    have at it! :)

    it’s up on

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  26. Luna

    507,725 over here! It’s amazing how those straight lines add up! :) Great game!

  27. Luna

    Scratch that. Played again and got 931,718. Your score multiplier doubles when you’re close to the lines, so go ahead and be a daredevil for a great score.

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  29. francesco

    an incredible journey through the players conscience…

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  31. Jesse

    Got 155,673. Woo.

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  34. Luay

    just asking, but wat is the hole point of this game?

  35. Click


    4th time playing….

  36. pgdlh

    Just amzing … as an architect i dream about riding inside my plans like that. I was waiting the end to see if there was a kind of “zoom out” to see all what we were been through as one plan but well … doesn’t matter still genius :)

  37. Trod


  38. arsenicsauce

    Hm.. this is gorgeous. What is the music? It reminds me of that one song “Guilty”…

    “If it’s a crime, then I’m guilty, guilty of loving you…”