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March 24, 2017, 12:10:43 AM
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Author Topic: My thoughts and suggestions.  (Read 4410 times)
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« on: November 24, 2008, 07:34:27 PM »

Hey everyone, these are my thoughts and suggestions you might've heard me talk about. I know most of them cannot make it into the game, and some of them are weird, however they all are incoherent! [Oops]

Please post your ideas about my ideas, and hopefully if there is a suggestion we all like, we can debate it to refine it to the ideal state.

My Thoughts and Suggestions; Dinowaurs

First off, I crashed the Tutorial by loading it up with lawyers [about 40 of em] and trying to use my jetpack.

Anyway, you need to have a Strategical tutorial, where it teaches you 2 different basic strategies. This will get the people off to a start and let them expand on it.

In the third tutorial, the Dino needs to.. actually do something, I stood there and it shot me once.

You need a tiered tutorial, where you can choose the difficulty of the computer. Or, if you'd rather go more in depth with it, [see following]

You could do a single player campaign [Which I feel this is desperate for] where players could try strategies.. etc, they have to go through the countries of Pangea to win.

It needs to be clearly labeled [It is, but moreso] that selecting who you play against does NOT give you DNA.. etc. [aka selecting to play in one of the 5 countries] There should be a pop-up the first time someone tries to.

The weapons prices should be recalibrated.. My idea is to have them like this:

[Note: I'm only commenting on Per Round prices]
Cannon: 5 Cluster Bomb 90 Lawyer 125
SAM 38 Meteor 175 Air Strike 200
Castle 62 Jetpack 150 Flame Thrower 125

Air Strike's range is good, but Meteor Strike should either have less range, or do less damage. It should leave a Tier one on 1 health.

You should be able to upgrade all your towns and future towns to be more resiliant to Fire, Air attacks.. Bombs.. etc.

Like "Fireproofing" or you could even make it do you have men carrying buckets of water to douse the flame.

Or: "Reinforced Concrete" Your villages take less damage from Bombs.

Apocolypse Later: Your villages take less damage from Meteors.

Jury Duty: Lawyers do less damage

AA Gun: Can shoot down those pesky air strikes

There are more, but I think you get the point. The place to buy these would be in tab form, and would replace the icons for Tier 1 - 2 -3 that are just above the prices.

You also could [and imo should] be able to train your spearmen to attack, and have Rise of Nation qualities, where you can upgrade your civilization at a certain town to take more damage, give more damage, and become more futuristic.

[Note: If the comment immediately above happens, when said village is destroyed, it is back to normal state.]

This game should strive to be more than Battles each time you play, they should be smaller wars.

You should get gold for killing villages, and the enemy Dino. That would stop suicide attacks a little.

You should get more than 1 fossil for killing the opponent, and less for winning. This would discourage quick victories on noobs. [Idea 1]

You should get 1 fossil for killing the opponent, and more for winning, this would encourage quicker games. [Idea 2]

You need to spawn wearing the weapons you died with.

[Variable] How long you charge your weapon for could also mean how much damage it does, this stops one from clicking just long enough to register, and firing to get kills fast and easy.

Each Dino should have its own special abilities.. For example, one may have a Stampede ability, which causes dinos to stampede the area directly in front of the Dino.

Instead of the set palette, you should be able to make your dino any color you please. Black with Pink? Go for it. Burnt Orange With Mahogany? Good look finding the HTML notation, but go for it.

In dead times, you should be able to play a sandbox mode, or a Player V computer battle. [During matching]

You should only connect to the server when you wish to do a multiplayer... or example, there is no reason I should get disconnected from the server and have to refresh when I'm playing 'Tutorial 2; Mechanics'

At the end of a match, the match time should be up above all the other stats, above the graphic in middle. The reason I say this is its misleading to have it on both player's stats, because then one assumes that eventually there will be more than 2 players, and it shows how long each player's lasts. It just should be bigger, and up above. Right under the DINO-MIGHT! Or, instead of 'You won the match at ____' you could say "You won the match in ____'

There should also be some achievements, like a 'Match Ender' achievement, not many, but a few. The match Ender for example would be to win within 2 minutes, 30 seconds. Match prolonger would be to lose after 15 minutes. Things of that nature.


***Invisible wall***

Some game I will get an invisible wall where I cannot move past it, but I can move inbetween it an another invis wall.
The middle point is always a Tier 1 village. I can move freely, but my gold, nor my enemy's movements register. I can shoot though, no pojectile comes out, but it costs me money.
This mainly happens at the start of a game, although it happened once in the middle just after a tier one, heading to a tier 2.
It is not lag, because I coudln't move between the walls freely if it was.

After this, I either get DC'd, or the wall 'breaks' and all my movements get added up and I appear in the proper place. I do not seem to 'jump' in the eyes of my opponent though, because he has killed me while I was walking.

If it is of importance, when I get stuck between the two barriers, my PING freezes [Yes, I know, indicating loss of contact to server] My FPS keeps moving though.

***Jet-Pack Landing***

Whenever I take off with a jetpack and land, I cannot hold down the button during flight, and continue to hold it when I land to keep walking. Often times I also cannot press the direction key[the same way I flew the jetpack] but I have to fire a weapon, or turn around first.

***Disappearing Player***

I was playing Dinowaurs versus dew205, and we had a long, hardfought match. The climax resulted in us taking all of each others tier 1-2-3. I was always on the wrong end though, and he had just destroyed my Tier 2 with an airstrike [We were airstriking each other] and right before I died I dropped the bombs from my own airstrike. The game probably would've taken 30 minutes to completion, but this happened at about the 20 minute mark.
Well, his killed me, however unlike normal, there was no egg, and I never respawned. He took my tier 3, after he took it, it proceeded to fire at an unseen target [presumably me] never hitting it.
I took the following screenshot [http://screencast.com/t/wLjE3brj1J] and talked to Greg [Intuition team greg] he said to send it here.
Browser: FireFox 3, Adblock is the only notable add-on.
OS: Windows Vista 32-bit.
[I'm on a laptop]
Connection speed: 54 mbps, WiFi.
If you really care, although I doubt you do, my exact computer specs can be found here: http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?InvtId=AS5570-2977-R&cpc=SUGG
Please, by all means let me know if you need any other information. I will be happy to provide it.

Thats all, I also sent this to the Team via e-mail, but I thought everyone could just discuss it here too.
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« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2008, 10:38:23 AM »

Thanks for your feedback!  We really appreciate it cc.

There are a lot of things to address, but I'll start with the dino colors.  The way our workflow works for dinos right now, we can't let players customize the colors of the dinos.  Right now each dino is a separate SWF, since we export them from Anime Studio Pro.  Anime Studio Pro "bakes" all of the animations such that each frame of animation for each dino is a separate vector image.  That makes it hard to customize and it has a very large file size.

After we release, I plan on switching all of our dinos and their animations over to Flash CS4, which has built-in skeletal animation.  So down the road, maybe in a 1.5 release or something, we'll have dinos and their animation in Flash natively, which means we'll be able to do a lot more customizing with them, including the possibility of user-created color combinations.  In addition, file sizes for the dinos will be much, much smaller.  I can't wait for that day!

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« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2008, 03:50:12 PM »

Alright! Let me know if you need me to do anything.

I laughed at flopear a bit, the 14 year old intern xP Good opportunity though!
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« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2008, 01:08:57 PM »

Any other thoughts on my points? Anyone?
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