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March 24, 2017, 12:06:13 AM
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Author Topic: Full Rundown.  (Read 2405 times)
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« on: May 10, 2008, 09:19:23 AM »

I'm just going to go through the whole game and give whatever feedback I can.

Title Page: Very cool looking.

Zooming step: zooming with the scroll wheel is really not the best. It scrolls the screen and I find that zooming with W + S is more comfortable. Yet, the only way to pass the step is to use the scroll wheel. Now what if someone has an old mouse without a scroll wheel?
Picking Weaponry: Should be a click and not a drag, drag is slow, click is fast. Fast is good. Thus click is good.
Capture Village Step: Point out that it costs 200 dino-dollars and point out the money bar.
Esc: Shouldn't be a you loose screen.
Opponent Disconnect: ... Odd... I thought there was no opponent in the tutorial...
Practice Duel: Nothing to report.

Hatchery: The area where the dino name is. You can highlight it and all and there is the typing cursor, but you can't change the name. It would be nice if we could do that. Also if you have the pink dino the strap that it has to hold weaponry somehow goes under its spikes on its back... You can't really attach anything to it if the strap in under the spikes...

Dressing Room: Awesome but needs more accessories. Obviously. And why are there two top hats? Oh oh oh, also there has to be a way to remove an item.

Options: Volume thingie is nice, most games just have on or off. But I haven't heard any actual sounds coming from the game... And whats with the help tips? I can't press anything... yet it doesn't have a beta sticker. (I'm guessing the beta sticker means its going to be implemented and just isn't yet, correct me if I'm wrong)

Battle: After a battle the name of the opponent will stay in the opponent name spot if you go to a tutorial. And I'm not exactly sure or not but I think the villages in battle don't attack right... I haven't been attacked by a second or third tier in game, maybe I'm to far away, not sure because no one to battle.

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