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54 Responses to “Gray”

  1. Dan-a-y

    Wow! This was a very interesting game! Very well done, and it got the message across.

  2. Meta

    Experimental, original, and enjoyable! A great game!

  3. simon

    what the fuck is this

  4. hoBBE

    Cool. Very interesting concept. I had some trouble “seeing” my guy in the crowd. Maybe make a red outline on him or something…

  5. mike

    @simon It’s a flash video game, buddy.

  6. Zarol

    i think this game is very interesting and special…….

  7. Rempresent

    I thought it was very good, no guidance needed and it played really well. What kind of discussions did you want to start with this project anyway?

  8. finefin

    very nice concept!
    will bookmark this and eventually write a review…

  9. kriptosporidium

    Just… wow.
    Awesome game.

  10. Qrawzseg

    I don’t understand… am I supposed to make everyone switch sides? Then do it again… and again… and again…

  11. DonGolden

    Wow great message fun game,

  12. anthony

    I think if all the voters in the world played this game, we wouldn’t elect so many politicians that screw us over and walk off with a ton of money.

  13. Austin

    Well that was brilliant…

  14. elme

    Incredible… Deep message

  15. scott

    anyway to turn off the sound?

  16. neunen

    this is beautiful

  17. Jeffrey

    Scott: Turn off your speakers.

  18. KAte

    Great game and an awesome statement about the human race…

  19. just'zisguy

    Well done, well said.

  20. stev

    yeah really amazing, i think you dont need to know which character you are, this reinforces the message. people need to stop expecting games to play

  21. Jestes

    Really repeitive, i when from Black, to white, to black again. And i got really bored.

  22. john

    I laughed, I cried, I murdered a 10 year old in my basement. This game changed my life. No seriously, I’m in prison now.

  23. Tyler

    Well done. Unique and special.

  24. Tails Turrosaki

    Very interesting… Let’s put the meaning this way:

    You have a thought, and everybody else has a different thought. You convince one person, they’ll convince another. It’s an endless chain. But then you have a different thought… And you convince again. They convince on the chain. Then another thought, and another, another… But, eventually, there will be a time when it will be impossible to switch anymore people to your side, since you’ve already explained to them otherwise.

  25. URKEL

    Amazing, a FUN game with a social message. This is extremely hard to see. Congratulations!!! I hope you can have more chances to develop this kind of game experience…

  26. Presto5197

    Jiggmin FTW

  27. sonic

    That…was so beautiful.

  28. Viriato

    I couldn’t get anything to happen.


    This is one of the best games I’ve EVER played online. Thank you for sharing such a though provoking idea with all of us.

  30. Muncher376

    Nice thought. it was fun too.

  31. a1s

    The game was slightly boring (it would be more boring, but luckily he “end” is timed relatively right) and the message seems forced. meh.

  32. diesel

    gOOD Game !!!!

  33. Chris

    I don’t know if I have got the right meaning…can some1 tell me plz?

  34. shteev

    A little dull to play… perhaps relentlessly top-down was not the best way of implementing this. But, it’s a solid idea.

    It’s interesting that in most people’s reading of the game, they side with the protagonist, trying to persuade those ‘others’ who have polarised opinions… and yet, we ALL feel this when we play the game, so maybe those others are actually as complex as us, and they define what we would define to be ‘gray’ or ‘black’ or ‘white’ entirely differently?

  35. matthaus greenberg

    é show

  36. Artur

    Pessimo, horrivel muito xato sem obetivo.

  37. lol

    this game is fucking stupid

  38. marco recuero

    Es genial…

  39. NOT YOU

    @LOL: I could say the same thing about your mom, but I won’t. Seriously, constructive criticism, or at least not ridiculously abusive criticism would be better. “I don’t understand/like it” is much better. But you won’t pay any attention to this, because you’re a troll.

  40. Kyle

    LoL@ John’s prison joke!

    but yeah, cool game. is the message: we are so easily swayed with words? in a way this game is like a small poem. havent played a game trying to make a brief statement in a brief manner before. original.

  41. felix

    i really liked it and for those people that didn’t have the patience to play it all the way through, they’re the ones that need to get the message

  42. Chris Brandt

    played this at indiecade a couple of times. great game.

  43. Andrew

    I think that slowing down the gameplay could exposed the concept/idea/theme behind the game. I think it could have been real interesting to have a slower moving white crowd while you go through and talk with them and then your follows begin to collect behind you, maybe in the form of a triangle, which eventually fills up the side of the screen blocking all those who aren’t following you to stop. This could have brought an end to the game as well, as there didn’t seem to be a conclusion. Which might have been the intent in the first place.

    I thought the game was interesting though, I thought the talking minigame was interesting to convert people, it did feel like it was missing something though, but I can’t yet put my finger on it. I also thought that the level design was interesting as well, i didn’t notice if it did or not, but maybe as you gain more followers, the scenery starts to change color according to your characters. This could help to represent the masses on a whole again and how your character is not only affecting those on the screen, but the people in the city/world.

    Nice work though.

    And on a side note, if you want to throw in a lil bit of humor, it would be great to see some of the characters with pitchforks or torches, or some pushing grocery carts with TVs in them, just if you wanted to give it more of a mob feel.

  44. God at play

    FYI there’s definitely a conclusion. Keep playing and you’ll get to it :)

  45. darri

    Wow it’s like an aphorism in game form. Thought provoking but ultimately hobbled by crap gameplay. The persuasion subgame should actually be tricky, no?

    “The choice in politics isn’t usually between black and white. It’s between two horrible shades of gray.” (Lord Thorneycroft)

  46. juno

    it was a great game, but the background fizzing sound was kinda annoying after a while…

    a fresh concept!

  47. Nico Mild

    I love to play minigames :-)

  48. Nico Mild

    Lets rock

  49. Laura

    Turning grey dredged up all sorts of feelings I had while spending time in fiercely dogmatic locations (that were on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their dogmatism). I think I’ve always been more of a grey person because I tend to be very empathetic. I like the idea that your character can’t become grey until he/she has existed as both black and white.

  50. no1cares

    In the end, no one gave a flying fig what I said. Feels like a typical Tuesday (or Wednesday, Friday or Sunday for that matter) to me. I relate to it too well.

  51. nATEdIZZY

    omg, this was so not cool. somebody should be punished, oh wait you were… you played this game.

  52. MW

    Too slow and repetitive. Like most of the little artsy Flash games that are coming out these days, it would have worked better as a noninteractive animation.

    Also note: Prior to my post, this thread has approximately one black dude (that being LOL) and everybody else here is white. And the black dude didn’t turn anybody white, seems like. So is anybody here gonna become gray or whatever? Come on folks, don’t just rave uncritically about these games.

  53. Vraf

    Very nice game. About the design : I think there should be some clue (visual, audio, rythm) that reveals your progress. I almost gave up after two color changes, thinking that was all the game had to offer.

  54. Joe

    For those of you who don’t understand the point of it, and bothered to go to the bottom of the comments, it’s not really about a single debate in politics, but the very being of politics itself, which is deciding what’s right, and it’s polar ends. You can see some people running with crosses and some people running with signs in the game, showing how people feel so much how their point is right. When you convince a person that the opposite is right (I said convince, not prove) they in turn convince others, and the whole tide of which is correct and which side isn’t is turned. The sides keep turning, and you keep changing your mind until you can see the middle. As before, you try to convince others to see the middle, but your points don’t match, as people don’t want to their opponent to have any sort of win, including a compromise, so you endlessly try to make others see to the middle, until there are no others.